Who We Are

Established with a vision of providing the best driving education in Dubai, Eco Drive was founded with the objective of redefining driving education and raising a new generation of safe drivers. Led by a team of qualified and experienced multi-lingual instructors, Eco provides cutting-edge driver education in a smooth, affordable and convenient manner. Based in the heart of Dubai Industrial City, Eco Drive has one of the largest yard training centers in Dubai and employs sustainable and eco-friendly practices rooted in technology, artificial intelligence and unparalleled driving education. We understand that as new learners, our customers have a lot of expectations from the instructors, course module and learning methods. Eco Drive goes above and beyond to deliver on these expectations, thus ensuring that our learners have an enjoyable ‘behind- the-wheel’ experience.

about ecodrive
about ecodrive

Our Vision

To become a global leader in providing innovative driving education and training, rooted in artificial intelligence and technology.

about ecodrive

Our Mission

To build a community of safe drivers.

about ecodrive

Our Values

Our core values are deeply rooted in sustainability, integrity and dedication. We are driven by a strong sense of ethics and adopt a customer-centric approach in all our practices.

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We Care for the Environment

At Eco Drive, we believe we have a strong responsibility towards the environment and are constantly on the lookout for enhancing sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Our fleet of training vehicles mostly consist of low-emission cars and undergo regular checks to ensure they are energy efficient and environment-friendly. We're also pushing for a strong sustainability agenda by taking all registrations online in an attempt to reduce our paper trail. Additionally, our branches are also powered primarily by solar panels to strengthen our initiatives towards energy conservation.