I have a car driving license in my country. Can this help me?

Is there any option for people who require getting the Driving license on fast or urgent basis?

I lost my Emirates ID, however I have emirates ID copy. Can I apply for my driving training?

Is it possible to take training in any other Eco Drive branch after making registration at DIC?

Can I switch from regular classes to any other course? If so, will I have to pay more for that?

Is it possible to get extra practice sessions before the final RTA road test?

I have already opened driving license file from Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters. I just want to do practice in Dubai

Is there a rule that prohibits pregnant women from taking driving lessons in Dubai? Is there a standard form for this special permission from the doctor? If not, what must it say? That I am fit to take driving lessons?

Can I choose my Instructor?

If my instructor is absent, who will take my class?

What if I am absent for my test?

How to renew my learning permit?